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Fangs for the Fantasy is run by Renee from Womanist Musings, and Sparky who love all things Urban Fantasy. While we do love Urban Fantasy, we're also social justice bloggers and we try to be aware – and look at the genre from a social justice lens. Whether we love a series or hate it, we look at it through this lens – and critique it in part based on its treatment of marginalised people and issues affecting them. It doesn't mean we don't love the genre – but even the books and programmes we adore have problematic elements and we refuse to ignore that even while we enjoy them..


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December 2017
read and rated
reviewed: Awoke (The Want #1) by K. T. Conte
Katya has spent a long time struggling with her visions and ability to see things others cannot - but she has managed to carv...
Awoke: The Want Series (Book 1) - K T Conte
read and rated
reviewed: Spirit Witch (The Lazy Girl's Guide to Magic #3) by Helen Harper
After her brush with Necromancy in Scotland Ivy has been suffering some side effects - she’s not sure of the full implication...
Spirit Witch (The Lazy Girl's Guide To Magic Book 3) - Helen Harper
read and rated
reviewed: Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy #2) by Jennifer Estep
Gwen Frost, with her unique gifts is just beginning to learn her place in the world, and the magical training academy and the...
Kiss of Frost - Jennifer Estep
read and rated
reviewed: Wraith Ladies Who Lunch by Sean Patrick Traver
Ta-Senet-Net-Hor has been a ghost for thousands of years, moving with her mummy from location to location, rarely meeting ano...
Wraith Ladies Who Lunch - Sean Patrick Traver
December 2017
read and rated
reviewed: Flame in the Dark (Soulwood #3) by Faith Hunter
Nell continues to work with PsyLED, the supernatural crime fighting organisation. And more and more she is drifting away from...
Flame in the Dark (A Soulwood Novel) - Faith Hunter
November 2017
read and rated
reviewed: Chaos Choreography (Incryptid #5) by Seanan McGuire
Verity has changed her life dramatically recently. She’s married Dominic, a former member of the Order of St George, which wa...
Chaos Choreography - Seanan McGuire
November 2017
read and rated
reviewed: Waxing Moon (Calling the Moon #2) by Sarah E Stevens
Julie is getting used to raising her powerful werewolf baby - and is still determined to do so alone, in her own home in her ...
Waxing Moon - Sarah E. Stevens
read and rated