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Fangs for the Fantasy is run by Renee from Womanist Musings, and Sparky who love all things Urban Fantasy. While we do love Urban Fantasy, we're also social justice bloggers and we try to be aware – and look at the genre from a social justice lens. Whether we love a series or hate it, we look at it through this lens – and critique it in part based on its treatment of marginalised people and issues affecting them. It doesn't mean we don't love the genre – but even the books and programmes we adore have problematic elements and we refuse to ignore that even while we enjoy them..


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February 2019
read and rated
reviewed: A Tale of Two Demon Slayers (Accidental Demon Slayer #3) by Angie Fox
Lizzie is going to Greece to have a holiday with her Gryphon boyfriend in his ancestral home - while Dimitri can finally look...
A Tale of Two Demon Slayers (Biker Witches Mystery Book 3) - Angie Fox
read and rated
reviewed: Summoned to the Thirteenth Grave (Charley Davidson #13) by Darynda Jones
Charley Davidson has been freed from the dimension she was trapped in… but only to find the real world is under a new threat:...
Summoned To Thirteenth Grave - Darynda Jones
January 2019
read and rated
reviewed: Archangel's Prophecy (Guild Hunter #11) by Nalini Singh
The Cascade is rising again, the power swelling and ancient angels starting to influence the world with their ancient prophec...
Archangel's Prophecy (A Guild Hunter Novel) - Nalini Singh
reviewed: Forbidden Witches (Tarot Witches #2) by SM Reine
Leah has led a sheltered life… she certainly has never attended many concerts. But even she’s pretty sure concerts don’t usua...
Forbidden Witches (Tarot Witches Book 2) - SM Reine
read and rated
reviewed: Lies Sleeping (Rivers of London #7) by Ben Aaronovitch
The Faceless Man, Martin Chorley, is moving closer and closer to his mysterious but doubtlessly destructive final goal. But t...
Lies Sleeping - Ben Aaronovitch
January 2019
read and rated
reviewed: Diamond Fire (Hidden Legacy Novella) by Ilona Andrews
It is time for Nevada’s wedding and, if her little sister Cataline has anything to do with it, Nevada won’t have to worry abo...
Diamond Fire -  Ilona Andrews
December 2018
read and rated
reviewed: Silver Silence (Psy/Changeling # 16 Psy/Changeling: Trinity #1) by Nalini Singh
Silver Marcant is the scion of the power, influential, Marcant family. She is also the assistant of Kaleb Krycheck, de facto ...
Silver Silence: Psy-Changeling Trinity Series, Book 1 - Nalini Singh, Angela Dawe, Orion Publishing Group Limited
read and rated