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Fangs for the Fantasy is run by Renee from Womanist Musings, and Sparky who love all things Urban Fantasy. While we do love Urban Fantasy, we're also social justice bloggers and we try to be aware – and look at the genre from a social justice lens. Whether we love a series or hate it, we look at it through this lens – and critique it in part based on its treatment of marginalised people and issues affecting them. It doesn't mean we don't love the genre – but even the books and programmes we adore have problematic elements and we refuse to ignore that even while we enjoy them..


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January 2018
read and rated
reviewed: The Year of the Knife by G. D. Penman
Oh wow there is such a lot here. So very much here. We have a completely amazingly different alternate world. A modern day ...
The Year of the Knife - G.D. Penman
read and rated
reviewed: Dead Eye (Tiger's Eye Mystery #1) by Alyssa Day
Jack Shepherd, soldier, weretiger, veteran, is returning home to Dead End, a tiny town in isolated rural Florida, to handle h...
Dead Eye (A Tiger's Eye Mystery) (Volume 1) - Alyssa Day
December 2017
read and rated
reviewed: Beneath the Skin (De La Vega Cats #3) by Lauren Dane
Gibson, Bringer of the De La Vega werejaguar Jamboree, has no time or patience for representatives of a much smaller Jamboree...
Beneath the Skin - Lauren Dane
read and rated
reviewed: Magic for Nothing (Incryptid #6) by Seanan McGuire
Antimony Price, youngest of the Price siblings is Not Happy. I mean, she’s never been her older sister Verity’s biggest fan b...
Magic for Nothing - Seanan McGuire
read and rated
reviewed: The Ledberg Runestone (The Jonah Heywood Chronicles #1) by Patrick Donovan
Jonah Heywood is a shaman and a grifter, just scraping by -barely able to pay his ever spiralling booze bill Which is a pro...
The Ledberg Runestone: The Jonah Heywood Chronicles - Book One - Patrick Donovan
read and rated
reviewed: The Queen of England: Coronation (The Queen of England #2) by Courtney Brandt
Queen Victoria is dead, killed along with her whole family in a terrible terrorist attack that shook the empire and led to Ju...
The Queen of England: Coronation - Courtney Brandt
December 2017
read and rated
reviewed: Awoke (The Want #1) by K. T. Conte
Katya has spent a long time struggling with her visions and ability to see things others cannot - but she has managed to carv...
Awoke: The Want Series (Book 1) - K T Conte
read and rated