Tethered (Iron Seas #2.5) by Meljean Brook

Tethered (Novella) - 'Meljean Brook'

Yasmeen and Archimedes, mercenary and adventurer, are settling into married life and finding a new balance while hoping to protect Yasmeen’s essential, ruthless reputation.


An old friend of Archimedes approaches – he wants help to rescue his brother from Eden; the impenetrable flying city that enslaves any it comes across. It’s an impossible mission – but the man will use any means in his power to force Yasmeen and Archimedes to help him


Probably not the wisest thing the man has ever done




I love the romance in this book – and how often do I say that? I’m normally not a fan of books with heavy romance elements.


Yasmeen and Archimedes love for each other is clear on every page, I don’t think I’ve read many books that convinced me how completely in love the main characters are. Mainly, because it shows me why. Not by long monologues or eyes meeting over a crowded room or descriptions of how very hot the other is (though we have elements of all), but by them simply thinking and caring for each other. Of them taking the time to make the other happy, to care for their feelings, to understand each other, to comfort each other, to spend time thinking of ways to make the other smile. They trust each other and show that trust, they’re sure to realise where the other’s limits and worries are, they give each other both the space and the support each needs

They are in love and it shows because they behave like people who care about each other. They show it, they don’t just say it. It’s clear in every interaction and the time and energy they devote to each other. It’s a perfect romance.


The plot adds a great foundation for Zenobia in the future (and explains some of the elements of Kraken King I was unsure on, like why she’s such a kidnap victim) and I love how both Archimedes and Yasmeen react to the plot – they’re good people, but they’re not fools. Your brother is tragically held prisoner somewhere that enslaves people and is nearly impregnable? Well, good luck with that – buh-bye. Because it’s not just their lives at risk – they have a crew they’re responsible for and the crew matters, they’re people, not just random background figures to be sacrificed at a whim



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