In My Time of Dying (Salt Lake After Dark #2.5) by J.K Walker

In My Time of Dying: A Salt Lake After Dark Tale - J.K. Walker

avid died when a serial killer came to his home. His pregnant wife survived the attack


Now he’s a ghost and driven by his desperate devotion to her to follow her, watch her and do whatever he can to protect her. It’s a compulsion that grows the longer he is dead


A compulsion that is not only unhealthy – but can lead a ghost down a very dark path.





In the first book of this series that was a fun,interesting, helpful character who helped Jasmine assimilate into thesupernatural world, David.


He was a werewolf and he pretty much defeated most of the werewolf tropes we’ve come to know and loathe. He was kind, he was patient, he was funny, he was wonderfully loving to his wife, Angel, and generally had all the hallmarks of being a pretty decent character and an excellent counterpoint to the werewolf Alpha who was a much more “traditional” werewolf depiction.

He was also one of Jasmine’s friends – one of the things these books have been so good at showing is Jasmine’s friendship with the other characters, actually spending social time together and doing silly things like bad movie nights. It’s one thing I’ve always liked

And he died.



It was sad and disappointing and really showed how excellently the character had been developed that I missed David. The character deserved more than to be killed off for pathos

And so we have this book. David the ghost whose desperate love and devotion to Angel forces him to haunt her. It’s powerful, loving and tragic – as the overwhelming love and protection David feels for Angel drives him to make her more and more unsettling and dangerous to her


Not only is that haunting  and powerful, it’s also a wonderful subversion of the genre where this kind of stalky-obsessive love is too often presented as the pinnacle of affection and devotion. This book is clear – it isn’t healthy and it isn’t good for either party.



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