Skin Deep - Neal Litherland

When Roxy comes to Mal, she brings trouble. That’s ok – trouble, fighting of evil and protecting the innocent is what Mal does

There may be demons in this terrible, corrupt world – but there are also rules.




This could make a fascinating chapter in an excellent book.


We have angels and demons, monsters and corruption all displayed in really excellently artistic terms. We have hints of a world full of possibilities of redemption and damnation, temptation, fallen angels and suggestions of epic conflict. We’ve also got some other traditions peaking round the side suggesting a world that is much wider and broader than first appears.


The main character, Mal, is an excellently grizzled, hard, crusty hard boiled protagonist. It’s obvious what he is from the very beginning, but part of me always appreciates angelic forces in the guise of hard bitten, cynical, rough veterans with a huge grumpy grudge against everything (even if I do kind of picture a winged figure shaking his fist out the window yelling at demons to get off his lawn).


It’s all written in a style that you’ll either love or hate. A classic film noir, dark and full of hard boiled monologue and gloriously over the top elaborate descriptions starring some of the most dramatic metaphors possible. It’s gritty and dark and grim displaying these broken neighbourhoods and dark establishments with excellent detail and atmosphere



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