Chosen by Fate (Para-Ops #2) by Virna DePaul

Chosen by Fate - Virna DePaul

After returning from Korea with the para-ops team, Wraith isolates herself from everyone else.  Though she has always been moody and standoffish this increases.  Wraith knows that her undead life is running short. Finally, she decides to be proactive and demands to know who she was but with three felines being raped, Wraith's needs are put on the back burner.  Though Wraith agrees to work on the rapes, she cannot ignore the changes to her body.  Suddenly, she is becoming more human and it's no longer painful to be touched. Still the pain of who she was haunts her and though she manages to hide it all from the team, she cannot hide it from Caleb.

For a paranormal romance, DePaul crams Chosen by Fate with a lot of world building, mystery and spirituality.  The Goddess Essenia is still very much considering the annihilation of every single living creature and as Mahone works to stop it, the weight of the responsibility is beginning to wear on him. There is a secret organization that is attempting to end the peace between the humans and the Otherborn. Even the Para-Ops team who is trying desperately to bring about a balance is struggling with their own issues.  For all of the things happening in the book, it never feels confused.

Chosen by Fate's largest problem is that DePaul piles fail upon fail into the story and absolutely none of it is necessary.  It's so bad that I almost don't know where to begin.

Caleb is the main love interest in this story and he is half Indian and Half Irish.  This makes the relationship between Caleb and Wraith subversive because inter-racial relationships aren't often portrayed in this genre. What ever gains DePaul made in this regard were lost when she made Caleb a drunk. He even snarks when Mahone finds him in a bar, "Didn't you do your intel? I'm half-Indian and half-Irish.  You had to know the chances of finding me shit-faced was esp ... est ... extremely high."  Of course he's an alcoholic, everyone knows that if you're Irish or Native you cannot control your drinking.  Yes, I'm rolling my eyes.

Then we have the problems with GLBT portrayal. The problem begins with the felines who are bisexual, which is explained by their high sex drive.  Felines are also promiscuous because if they don't have sex, they experience pain.  Yes, promiscuous bisexual beings which is justified by story reasons. Further problematic is that one apparently needs "training in the art of feminine love." Feel free to dish out the side eye. 



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