Summer Knight (Dresden Files Series #4)

Summer Knight (Dresden Files Series #4) - Harry Dresden returns in a much more epic tale of battle and mystery in which the fate of Chicago – in fact the whole world, rests.Epic. I do like me some epic, I does. And we have meta-plot! In the last book, Harry Dresden started a war to protect the woman he loved and to stand up to the cruelty of the Red Court of vampires. Due to his actions the Red Court declared war on the White Council, the ruling body of wizards, a war that now covers every part of the world and concerns the White Council greatly as important wizards fall in battle. The Council has come to town and Harry's detractors are eager to end the war by sacrificing Harry to the vampires.But there is a way out – the White Council has approached the Summer and Winter courts of the fae to gain allies and free transport through the Nevernever. Harry, as the newly appointed emissary of the Winter Court can secure his life – and the White Council's alliance – by solving a mysterious death. It's only as he investigates, he realises far more is at stake than one death, perhaps more than the war between the wizards and the vampires, for the Summer and Winter courts stand poised for war - and this war could devastate the world. And if that weren't complicated enough, an old flame comes back to haunt him.This book was a great come back from the last one. We have meta-plot, at last. The ongoing war is a thing of drama and interest. If I have any quibble about it, it's that we don't see much of it and it's more a background, nebulous thing when I'd expect it to be more front and centre, especially since Harry is the principle cause of it. Still, the actual drama of the Summer and Winter courts were fascinating, I loved what he did with the fae – making them quite alien and surreal and properly disturbing as they should be. There was also some wonderful world building development which I loved to see – the fae, the White Council, we got a lot longer glimpses into the world AND it was well handled – no damn info dumping.Read More