Goddess with a Blade

Goddess with a Blade - Lauren Dane This is the first book that I have read by Lauren Dane and I must say that despite several problems, I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series. Though Lauren Dane is an Australian author this book is set in Las Vegas. One of the main issues with this book is that Dane has constructed Las Vegas as a Whitetopia. I wonder if this stems from unfamiliarity with the area, or is just another example of people of colour being erased? Las Vegas is a city where anything goes and Dane does acknowledge this in her writing and yet there isn't a single person of colour in the book. Also erased are GLBT people. Right. No GLBT people in Vegas of all places. It makes me wonder if their are LGBT in San Francisco.Once again we have a female protagonist whose job it is to kill vampires. In this case, Rowan Summerwaite is infused with a Goddess who gives her the power to slay vampires who murder humans. Rowan is about as mannerly as a bull in a china shop, speaking in the most vulgar tones at inappropriate moments, as well as threatening violence at the drop of a hat. She is arrogant and self righteous to a fault. Falling in line with other tropes popular to the genre, Rowan is also an orphan. Heaven forbid one of these books have a protagonist with living, loving parents. In Rowan's case her parents were murdered by her vampire step father Theo, when she was just a child. Her relationship with Theo who is considered The First amongst the vampires is complicated and marred with abuse but they clearly love each other. This makes me uncomfortable because even though Theo represents the only father she has ever known, I cannot in good conscience understand maintaining a relationship with the person that killed your parents and left permanent marks on your body.Read More