Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11) - Charlaine Harris I mentioned last week that the next Sookie Stackhouse novel has been released. Even though I know that Charlaine Harris is a truly troubled woman, after reading the Aurora Teagarden and Shakespeare series, I still could not wait to read this book. Of course I have to share my thoughts with you because Harris inspires snark like no other writer I have ever read.All right, I will start off my saying that Harris is clearly bored with this series. The characters that we have spent so many books getting to know do not act like themselves. Eric is violent without reason and constantly needs Sookie to place her hand on him to calm him down. He even goes as far as to become violent with Pam, when a simple command would render her helpless to disobey his orders. What is really weird about this, is that the relationship between Pam and Eric has always seemed like a friendship based on mutual respect, even though he is her creator. Then there is Bill, who believes that Sookie would win the Miss America best tits competition. Yes, the vampire that Harris has spent so long constructing as a true southern gentleman actually said that. Sam, who has suddenly become Sookie’s best friend, now that he is dating another woman (note: the woman is a problem because of course she does not match Sookie’s version of femininity - typical Harris). Read More