River Marked (Mercy Thompson)

River Marked - Patricia Briggs Okay so when Patricia Briggs released River Marked I was a tad excited. I don’t think her work is a good as Kim Harrison but hey the Mercy Thompson series is was pretty good until River Marked.First let me stay that River Marked is boring, yes BORING. It felt like she had done a bit of research on First Nations culture and then had to have come streaming out in one book. You see, in all of the other books, though we know that Mercy is Native, Briggs never bothered to really expand upon this idea. This is something that she could have done over a series of books but instead used River Marked to accomplish this. The whole thing reads like on bad long book report.The only thing that I took away from the book was how harmful the trope of stalkerish, controlling behavior doubles as love. I have always known that Adam was kind of skeevy because he did after all instal surveillance equipment in Mercy’s garage to keep an eye on her because he lurved her but this book took it to a whole new level. I think that he as actually replaced Edward in this area actually and believe me, that’s saying a lot.Read More