Dead Beat (Dresden Files Series #7)

Dead Beat (Dresden Files Series #7) - There are some new big bads in town – necromancers, some of the darkest wizards out there, have arrived and they're all looking for the World of Kemmler. Kemmler, the greatest and most horrendous necromancer that ever lived, left his remaining knowledge in this book – a book that could bring untold power to the most evil of people.And in addition to the Necromancers, Marva of the Black Court also wants the book – and if Harry doesn't get it for her, she's going to ruin Murphy's life. To further complicate things, Bob the skull has a disturbing past and even more disturbing secrets with Kemmler.The war between the vampires and the wizards continues with the Wizards suffering a major defeat, the remains of the Warders must turn to people they'd shunned to try and prop up their numbers and can't offer Harry even a tenth of the support he normally could expect.And to make things even more complicated – the Fallen Angel Lasciel has formed a bond with Harry, a bond she desperately seeks to develop through manipulation, illusion, confusion... or simple helpful bargaining. And while Harry does all he can to resist her – how easy is it to resist such power and knowledge when it could help you save so many lives?Harry has to juggle all this and prevent a faerie god of the hunt from ripping his head off or all of Chicago may be destroyed. A busy Hallowe'en indeed.I started this book with mixed feelings. It felt like it started slow and I was introduced to too many of the necromancers too quickly. Too much happened and I admit I floundered and I was worried that I'd remain lost or I'd just have to work too hard to follow it to enjoy it. But I hung in there.And the epic arrived. Because holding on past that brief confusion was rewarded by the best Harry Dresden books to date and one of my favourite books in the genre. And yes, I have to repeat that the epic arrived because it was epic. Harry facing off against the Necromancers, being tempted by Lasciel, being manipulated by Lasciel – it's an epic story and half. With more epic. Did I mention the epic? Because it was totally epic.And then Sue takes part. At which point the epic levels have not only been reached by the whole epic meter is now overloaded and broken into little epic pieces and I found myself turning each page with an excited grin on my face, almost skimming in my hurry to find out what happened next. It was one of those times when sleep was cancelled because I was not putting down the kindle until the last page had been read and it was a supreme effort of will not to reach for the next book as soon as I read the last page. It really was the best book in the series I'd read to date and if the previous books were crap they'd be worth reading just to get to this one.Read More