White Night (The Dresden Files, Book 9)

White Night - Jim Butcher Magical practitioners are dying. Not Wizards, not members of the White Council, but lesser talents are dying not just in Chicago but across the US – their deaths a series of tragic suicides. Harry's looking to find out who and why – and whether his brother is involved or not.Caught up by White Court machinations he also finds himself further enmeshed in the vampire politics behind the war. To complicate matters, he also has to balance teaching his new apprentice, the machinations of Lasciel, the Fallen Angel that has taken up residence in his mind and the ever-worrying presence of the mob boss, Marcone who always plays his own very dangerous game. Oh, and his ex shows up. Never simple, is it?Worse the Dark Council continues its plots behind the scenes, confusing who can be trusted – and summoning daemons that make even normal daemons seem tame and mundane.The plot synopsis may seem a little short this time, but there weren't a great deal of sideplots or complications in particular. It was still an involved, complicated plot with plenty to keep me interested and it kept me guessing and wondering for much of the book. The plot is not simplistic – it is simply lacking in side-tracks and more focused than other books. Which was probably good, after all, not everything needs to have 10 red herrings and 11 antagonists (though, ironically, the antagonists in this book are renowned for their convoluted plotting and scheming). It still has the same excellent mystery feel as his other books, with the same guessing, the same investigation and that same wonderful balance between “complicated” and “convoluted” that I so love in the Harry Dresden Series.I loved the White Court world building and the greater development of the 3 White Court houses, the world is continually revealed with new things being added without any of it being contradictory. It's a big world and it's well made and well done.This story ended in an awesome amount of epicness. Butcher does do grand fight scenes and dramatic finales extremely well. It wasn't on the same standard as Dead Beat's ending but, then, very little is. Read More