Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress Series #1)

Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Cat's father was a vampire – a vampire who raped her mother and was never seen again. She has been raised to hate all of the undead – and even a part of herself, constantly checking herself – and being checked by her mother – to ensure that she never becomes everything she fears. As part of this – she hunts. She hunts the vampires who troll the bars and clubs, cheered on by her mother.Until she meets Bones. A vampire who isn't so simple, and a vampire who shakes Cat's oh-so-simple world view. Increasingly she realises that not all vampires are as she always imagined – nor are all humans so clean as she'd like to think. It grows further confusing for her as her relationship with Bones deepens into something more.Not that Bones is peaceful – he's a vampire with a mission – and that mission involves the deaths of many more vampires and shutting down a predatory ring that no-one would argue is anything but evil.In general I think this book was ok. And yes that is a “damned with faint praise” line. It's not particularly original though it has interesting quirks. It is interesting to see Cat's very narrow view be increasingly widened by Bones and experience – but I have to say it was never done subtly. There were always great big glaring lessons that came off a bit like “oh my god, humans rape!” that had me rolling my eyes. Cat assuming that every bad thing done to everyone was caused by vampires and then having a blinky surprise moment each time made her seem ludicrously naïve and narrow, especially as she repeatedly accuses Bones of things based simply on the fact he is a vampire despite multiple refutations. And yes she is both – but it felt clumsy and ham-handed. Like the author is purposefully writing in after-school special life lessons. The same goes for Cat's growing acceptance of herself and rejection of her mother's hatred – it's not subtly done (and yes, there was a very not-subtle 'closet' reference in there that Did Not Amuse me). More nuance, less clumsiness please.The plot itself – boy meets girl, girl hates boy, boy and girl have to work together, boy and girl snark a lot, boy and girl fall in love... has been somewhat done in the past and I can't say there was any particularly original spin on this one. It wasn't badly done and it wasn't boringly done, but nor was it done in a way that made it stand out from the many ways it has been done in the past.Aside from the romance plot, hunting down and investigating a circle of vampires that were kidnapping young girls was vaguely interesting but there was never any real mystery. It wasn't a whodunnit – we knew whodunnit, it was more a whereishe, which is considerably lacking in suspense and mystery. It wasn't badly done by any stretch, and I wasn't bored, but it was neither original nor especially special.Read more