The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor - Robert Kirkman, Jay Bonansinga The Fangs for the Fantasy crew are all large fans of the graphic novels and AMC show The Walking Dead. We were thrilled when we learned about The Rise of the Governor and raced to read it. I must say from the very beginning that the novel did not disappoint though the fact that it was written in the first person did at times grate on the nerves. We all know that when Rick, Michonne and Glenn arrive at Woodbury, after following the trail of a crashed helicopter and its survivors, the governor is very much in charge of the town. The governor is easily the most evil character in the series today. He tortures and rapes Michonne as well as takes the prison away from Rick's crew of survivors in vengeance. The question The Rise of the Governor seeks to answer is what could make a man lose touch with his humanity this way.When we first meet the governor, he is traveling with three men, and a little girl. They travel to Atlanta and find that it is over run with The Walking Dead but they are saved from death by the Chalmers family. Holed up in a building, with plenty of access to supplies and space for each person to have their own apartment if they so choose, this seems like the best place to hide out until a government can be re-established, but due to circumstances beyond his control, they are forced to leave with no weapons, and no food.Their next respite, is an old plantation style home which is luxuriously furnished. They are surrounded by plants that are still bearing fruit, a larder with many caned preservers but importantly, the house has a fireplace which means that they can burn wood to keep them warn. Instead of continuing to travel South in the hope of outrunning winter they decide to stay. As they begin to settle into a comfortable routine, the house is taken from them and in the aftermath, Penny is killed.Read More