Lover Avenged  - J.R. Ward Rehvenge and Xhex continue to battle their dark Symphath natures with Rehvenge also having to pay their blackmailer to prevent their secret being revealed. Revelation could mean both of them deported to the sympath colony where their deaths are nearly assured. Yet the price being asked is slowly killing Rehvenge – both in body and in spirit.This is only further complicated as he meets Ehlena, a nurse struggling to care for her schizophrenic father on a limited income. Met and fallen for – but can he pursue a relationship with his symphath nature? What will she says to the revelation -a nd worse, how much is that secret threatened as more and more vampires learn and threaten exposure.And Wrath, the king, has started fighting again – fighting on his own and covering up, causing ructions among the Brotherhood and most certainly with his wife, Beth. As if that weren't complicated enoughThe Lessening society continues to reorganise under Lash, the Omega's vampire son who wishes to establish a greater income for the society.Tohrment continues his road to recovery, dealing with what he left behind – and John Matthew continues in his rocky rocky path with XhexMuch as I like the side-plots in the Black Dagger Dudebros (actually, it's more that I really don't like the main plots so the side-plots are more fascinating) I think we're starting to see a lack of focus. The number of characters all having their own issues is developing a soap feeling – to an extent that it's getting harder to pin down exactly who the protagonists in this book are. In this book we had Rehvenge and Ehlena, the Symphaths, we had John Matthew and his issues, Lash and the Lessers, Wrath and Beth, Xhex basically being Xhex, Tohrment recovering... And it doesn't help that while all their plot lines touch each other, they're still not that closely linked.The flip side is, I'm glad that the Dudebros don't just have their book then live “Happily Ever After”. So just because Wrath has met his one true love doesn't mean that there's never anything interesting happening in his life again – his story still develops. It's hared to find the balance – and I think that this book would have lost it if it weren't for the fact I have so little interest in the main plot that the distraction and lack of focus is actually a bonus.Read More