Night Pleasures

Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter, #2) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Amanda just wants to have a normal, boring life. She's an accountant, she dates boring guys, she follows a mundane schedule. Unfortunately her family are eccentric to say the least. Psychics and witches, vampire hunters and voodoo priests – and all oh-so-embarrassing when she brings a nice, normal, boring man to meet themOf course, her boring life is shattered wide open when she meets Kyrian – a 2,000 year old vampire who hunts the cursed, soul-sucking children of Apollo. Kyrian most certainly doesn't lead a boring life – and most certainly isn't a boring man.Now well out of her depth, Amanda has to deal with her growing affection for Kyrian, who in turn is faced with his attraction conflicting with the Code of the Darkhunters that bans relationships. Amanda has to keep her family and her loved ones safe, learn about this new world and try to manage her own burgeoning and long suppressed powers.All the while dealing with a daimon, a soul sucking child of Apollo, who has powers far beyond what his kind should have – and who has fixated on feeding on Amanda's own powerful soul. Or her vampire hunting sister, who is less than pleased with her relationship with Kyrian.We're beginning to see more of a fascinating world here, one we didn't really get in Fantasy Lover (in truth, after reading that book I was surprised it was a series since it felt so much like a stand alone novel). We also had a plot and some attempt at characterisation – two more things that were glaring in their absence from Fantasy Lover.I want to see more of this world. I want to see the different kind of hunters, what they do, what they're capable of and what variations of powers exist between them. I want to know what different things they hunt above and beyond the apollites and exactly what variety there is there. I want to learn more of this take of the Greek pantheon and see more of the gods as well. Yes I am curious and intrigued by this concept and wish to see much much more. Unfortunately, so far that world has been shown to us by means of lectures. Yes, lots of tell, precious little show.Read More