At Grave's End (Night Huntress Series #3)

At Grave's End - Jeaniene Frost Cat's world is heating up as she gets further and further away from her job as a vampire hunter. More and more vampires are recognising her as the Red Reaper and her reputation as a warrior and killer is beginning to precede her. And she'll need every bit of her skills as war comes to her door.It's a war that attacks her mother and her mortal friends. She's forced into hiding, constantly seeking both safety for her loved ones as well as the identity of the vampire that is attacking her and Bones – and setting off a full scale war between their bloodlines.And in this war we have Mancheres, Bone's grandsire, who has entered an alliance with Bones so their vampire lines can fight together against the massive threat against them – but Mancheres is hesitating and he is not telling everything.Meanwhile, Cat's old team is going through changes as Bones meets his promise to turn one of them into a vampire. She laos has to deal with the large number of vampires and ghouls Bones and Mancheres have summoned to help them fight the war – and hope dearly that it will be enough.This is an epic fight for survival, with two vast forces clashing with no mercy or quarter given.The plot is exciting and very well written I found. There was definitely an element of being under siege and a strong sense of it being an epic conflict. In some ways the book felt much longer than it was – or the conflict felt like it spanned several books – not because of length but simply because the sense of the size of the conflict was so great that it was hard to place it in one book only. It made the story feel longer and grander.In some ways there's not a lot to write about in terms of the plot because it is very focused. Patra is a huge and massive threat, she is threatening Cat and Bones, they must defend themselves against this threat and counter attack or they will be destroyed. There's not a lot of distraction from that plot line. That doesn't mean things don't happen – they most certainly do. We have bombings and fleeing across the country, ambushes and counter ambushes, losses and griefs, victories and defeats. We have zombie hordes and ancient magic, hurried evacuations and rapid assaults.A lot happens. An awful lot – but it's all very much confined within the plot itself, within the focus of the war. To me this is very refreshing to read. I do not like a book that sets up a major, epic confrontation and then spends most of its time utterly distracted from it – it drains the epic. If something is this big and this grand and this dangerous and this threatening then you expect it to consume most of the main character's attentions.Read More