Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter Series #2)

Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter Series #2) - Talon is a Dark Hunter. Sworn follower of Artemis, he hunts down the soul devouring daimons that plague the world from his base in New Orleans.And it's a major job. Mardi Gras is coming, which always attracts the daimons in droves. And to make things harder, the Dark Hunters who are supposed to be backing him up loathe each other – and him – making it even harder for them to work together than it usually is.And there is an additional threat far above and beyond daimons. The Celtic god of war, Camulus, the Greek god of excess, Dionysis and the ancient Atlantean immortal Styxx have formed a pact together. A pact to reclaim their lost power and godhead by raising an entity far darker and greater than even them – though whether they can control it is another matterAnd to complicate matters, Talon meets Sunshine. New Age hippy, naieve, scatty, carefree, loving, kind, independent – and immensely attracted and attractive to Talon. The soul of his wife resides in her body and his ancient love is kindled anew – but how can he keep her alive in the face of Camulus' vicious curse and his duty to Artemis?This book began in a similar way to Night Pleasures. Not that the plot was similar – but we had a similar format – some random stuff happened, the main man and main woman meet – and then devote pages and pages and pages and pages to howAnd then we have sex. This is before we've had more than the tiniest thread of plot. I actually double checked the author to make sure I hadn't picked up a Laurell K Hamilton. And the sex is long and keeps on going and going and going.Oh and on the second day of sex, Sunshine is already thinking about the consequences of marriage with Talon. Now, I do think her thoughts on marriage, sexism and how women are commonly expected to sacrifice for their husbands rather than the other way round are extremely on point and very well put. However, at the same time I think hearing wedding bells the second night you've had sex with a guy whose surname you don't know is, perhaps, a trifle premature. Read More