Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires Series #5)

Drink Deep - Chloe Neill Even though I have had issues with the first four books of this series, I was very excited to get my hands on Drink Deep. When we last left the Cadogan vampires, Ethan was dead, having jumped in front of a stake meant for Merit and Merit was in a deep state of mourning. I always knew that Ethan was going to be resurrected it was simply a matter of if Neill could write the story in a way that would seem realistic and compelling.In the wake of Ethan's death, Malik has become the new master but the GP is threatening to disband the house. The investigator demands a healthy diet for all vampires, cuts the blood rations in half and demands that vampires stop feeding from each and other and from humans. Vampires are no longer allowed to congregate in groups larger than 10. With all of the stress going on, somehow Merit has to find away to discover why the elements are not acting properly. First the lake stops flowing and turns completely black and then the sky turns red. The humans begin to believe that not all are the vampires responsible for the disruption but that they are potentially seeing Armageddon.To solve the mystery of the imbalance Merit must visit, a siren, the queen of the fae as well as discuss the history of magic with none other than Tate. Someone knows the answer to what is going on, but can Merit find the answers before the final elemental sign becomes unstable?What I liked about this book is that Merit finally seemed to have grown up. Even though this series isn't technically YA, at times in previous books it read like that with Merit referring to vampires who were well over a 100 years old as boys. The language from other vampires still needs work, because the colloquialisms sound ridiculous at times. How many times can one say true dat?Read More