Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 8)

Lover Mine - J.R. Ward his book follows John Matthew and unlike the last book it’s pretty much focused on his story – and the story of Xhex. A few things happened in this book – Xhex had to evade her kidnapping at the hands of Lash, the Omega’s own son. Lash originally took her because she killed his symphath prisoner and ended up infatuated with her and her willingness to fight back. But all is not simple in Lash’s life – with a rift developing between him and the Omega and his own body transforming around him.With Lash on the outs, the Omega has a new fore-lesser with a new and potentially horrendous tactic – the Brotherhood has to deal withWe see greater insight into John’s connection to Darius – and more of Darius and Tohrment’s past, as well as some of the changes to the Chosen’s circumstances. But mainly we see Xhex and John recover from their ordeal, sort through their past issues and finally plough their way towards each other, seeking vengeance and having lots and lots of sex. Oh and Qhuinn and Blay drowning in theirs.Ok, as summaries go that was a little scrappy, but they are focused on one storyline (the side-plots are not only distracting but they’re almost laughably hollow and irrelevant) and the relationship between John and Xhex is just one long angst/issues/sex/make me want to break my kindle fest. Deep breath guys because this isn’t going to be a good one.I say the Brotherhood have to deal with various things here, but I’m taking that on trust, because I have no idea what they were doing. I know I wanted a more focused story, but what are Zsadist, Vishous, Rhage and Phury (who is always on speakerphone, he’s that busy) actually doing? Because not only do we not see them much, but they always seem to be there when needed. Do they just hang around looking bad-ass until called? If they’re not doing anything could someone get them a thesaurus and point out that “shitkicker” is not synonymous with “shoes”.In general I have found this series to be highly problematic (and have other flaws besides) but I’ve found enough to amuse me that I generally leave each book laughing rather than cringing.I'm not laughing.This book took most of the problems the series has had, highlighted them and clicked bold and poured them all out at once.Read More