Rosemary and Rue (October Daye Series #1)

Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire October Daye, fae Changeling, has a mystery to solve.Of course, her last time investigating for the fae didn’t end well. In fact it ended with her spending 14 years as a fish. 14 years in which she lost everything, her mortal partner, her daughter, her job, her friends, her life – everything. She’s not eager to jump back in there.But her friend, Evening Winterrose one of the few, if not only, friends she has managed to keep and the one who helped her put her life back together has been murdered. Horrifically, and brutally murdered with cold iron, the worst possible death of a fae. If that were not enough to inspire her to act, Evening called a curse on October before she died – a curse that demanded she find Evening’s killer or be destroyed by the curse. October must make contact with her old liege, her old friends and her enemies, juggle her old issues and handle one of the most powerful magical artefacts of legend all with the limited magic of a Changeling.October Daye is an interesting character, despite some issues I have with her that I’ll go into later. She’s very much the bottom rung of fae society being a changeling and surrounded by forces that are much more powerful than her and always will be. She has her own place but isn’t comfortable with it and it’s clear throughout this book that she really doesn’t want to be here, doesn’t want to be dragged back into the fae world and isn’t comfortable navigating its murky currentsThe world heavily involves the fae – which is always a favourite of mine. And it has an extremely diverse range of fae both shown and referred to, pointing to a lot of knowledge on the author’s part and a dedication to include more than the usual well trodden ground. I’m certainly eager to read more about it and I think I’d be tempted to read the next book simply for greater elaboration on the world.Plotwise it’s a murder mystery. Detective mysteries are exceedingly common in the genre. Usually if it’s not a romance, it’s a mystery (and often both) which can make it hard for a mystery story to stand out. And, I have to admit, this book didn’t really stand out to me – but it didn’t stand out to me as awful either. The plot was interesting, it kept me wondering, the culprit wasn’t instantly obvious and the protagonist was intelligent and reasonable and lacked the sudden magical flashes of inspiration that so dogs many mysteriesRead More