Monster Hunter Vendetta (Baen Fantasy)

Monster Hunter Vendetta - Larry Correia Owen Pitt continues in his job as a Monster Hunter. Hired to go round the world hunting down monsters of all kinds – from oni to chupacabra, from zombies to werewolves. It’s a very dirty job, but it pays well.Unfortunately, in his last adventure there was a problem. Due to a large number of truly epic events, Owen was indirectly responsible for having a nuclear weapon drop into a very bad place and hit an Elder God. The Elder God is Not Pleased and blames Owen.And so Owen finds himself being hunted by an obscenely powerful cult – a cult made up of many normal humans, but also no small numbers of monsters including shoggoth, oni, zombies, vampires and Mr. Trash Bags, his fiancee’s imaginary friend. A cult lead by a Necromancer of incredible power who is seeking to literally conquer the world with his army and his magic. And first and foremost to do that he needs to throw Owen through to the Elder God to curry some favour. He’s deadly, ruthless, lethal – and willing to go after Owen’s family to get the job done.Of course, on such an epic scale, Monster Hunter International can’t be expected to act alone. The Federal government’s Monster Control Bureau is very much present and doing whatever it can to destroy this cult – and if that means using Owen as bait, they will. If that means sacrificing Owen’s family – well they’re happy to do that as well. Owen, less so.And if things weren’t complicated enough, there’s a spy in Monster Hunter International – and the Necromancer himself has old ties with the organisation. Who do they trust and who do they blame? I love this book and this series. And I feel vaguely guilty for doing so. I don’t think it has huge amounts of depth and nuance (but you’d be surprised and I’ll return to that) or even a super super complicated story (but it has twists). What it does have is scary monsters and guys with guns blowing them up with great relish. We have gun fights, monster fights, we stalk them, we run from them, we bunker down and raid and charge and storm. The enemy are monsters, not sparkly angsty monsters, or sexy monsters or nuanced monsters – monsters. The Big Bad wants to destroy the world, but the good guys have a gunship with really big guns. And lots of geeky references.Part of me feels like I should be guilty for loving it, like being caught watching an awful action movie and then trying to justify your interest beyond the “oooh explosions awesome” factor. But there IS a lot more to the Monster Hunter series.Read More