Sins of the Night (Dark-Hunter Series #7)

Sins of the Night (Dark-Hunter Series #7) - Discontent is brewing among the Dark Hunters of Mississippi, Stryker, leader of the Spathi, an ancient order of warrior Daimons, is stirring up discontent against Acheron.And Acheron looks on in sadness, not because the Dark hunters can rise up against him, but because he cannot risk the powerful Dark Hunters abusing humanity; already some of them have taken to feeding on humans and working with Daimons rather than against them. Acheron sends the Alexion, his right hand, to give them a last chance to turn away from rebellion and Stryker’s lies. Not for Acheron’s sake – but so Acheron is spared from having to kill them. Doubly important for Alexion – because the leader of the rebellion is a man he once considered a brotherBut Stryker has another plot – while destroying the Dark Hunters is always a goal, he also seeks revenge for the death of his son – a revenge that will be paid in Acheron’s pain. And Alexion, who has been his right hand for 9,000 years, is a perfect target for this.And in the middle of this conflict is the Dark Huntress, Danger. Approached by the rebels, she doesn’t know what to think and having Alexion taking up residence in her house doesn’t make things easier – not least of which because of the spark of attraction that fired between them.So we’re following Danger… Danger? Really, Danger? What, was this book co-written by JR Ward? Couldn’t it at least be Dhanger? Anyway, Danger is supposed to be French and occasionally drops French in her dialogue. I don’t know what it is about the character, but she didn’t feel authentic, to such a degree that I was confused by the sudden inclusion of French, having forgotten her nationality. But we had enough musings about the French revolution for me to be rather irritated in the revisionism of aristocrat abuses, but that’s reasonable considering that Danger was from one of those guillotined families.Plotwise… I’m not entirely sure what the point of this book was. We’ve left New Orleans behind and moved to a new group of Dark Hunters in Mississippi, but we don’t really even establish a new cast there, maybe a few names here and there but the area hasn’t been established sufficiently to make me think this going to be a new “hub” for stories, especially since Danger (oh dear gods that name. was Dangereuse really a name for a girl in pre-revolution France, really?) is no longer in the picture. So we left our old cast, didn’t really develop a new one and all that’s really been shown is – zomg look how powerful Acheron is. Which, well, we kind of knew. There were some hints and tips along the way to fill in a few gaps, but on the whole this book felt like a big “let’s make it clear how awesome Acheron is.” Maybe Alexion and Danger will become more established characters and this is their introduction.Read More