Tempest Rising (Jane True Series #1)

Tempest Rising - Nicole Peeler When I finished reading this book, the one word that went through my mind was wow. The protagonist of this story is Jane True and she is half human and half selkie. Jane is unaware of her true parentage but knows that for some reason she feels driven to swim regardless of the weather and does not feel cold at all. She lives in Rockabill, a small town in Maine. Jane is decidedly haunted because her mother left when she was only six years old and her first love drowned in an accident that she believes is her own fault. Jane learns the true side of her nature when the little town of Rockabill is turned upside down by several supernatural murders.Peelers world is so incredibly large and includes just about every single mystical creature that you can think of. Each one of these creatures however, is slightly altered from the original mythos surrounding them. Vampires for instance still need blood to survive, but they can function during the day, and genies do have something for you to rub, but it most certainly is not their lamp. Throughout Tempest Rising we learn than just about every creature that humans have ever written about is alive.Though Jane has trepidations about the world that she is introduced to, she embraces it with vigor, in large part due to her burgeoning relationship with Ryu. Though the romance between them is a significant factor in the story, it is not the reason for the story. One of the things I love about this relationship is that Jane does not feel shame over her sexuality and engages freely. I also love the fact that Peeler made sure that Ryu and Jane engaged in safe sex. Ryu promises Jane that he cannot get her pregnant and that he does not carry disease but despite his reassurances, Jane demands that Ryu wear a condom much to his consternation each time. The explicit discussion of safe sex is something that is decidedly absent from this genre and the fact that Peeler chose to include it really spoke volumes to me. Jane always took time to think about her safety, despite her lust and this is a message that young women everywhere needs to hear.Read More