Unholy Embrace

Unholy Embrace - Neil Benson Frank is an architect and an artist who sees the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in a club one night. And from then on his world is completely changed by this beautiful, powerful, mysterious and alluring vampire.Nessa has lived for centuries and travelled across Europe to the United States from her native Hungary. She has watched and participated a great deal of history, she has met great men, she has appreciated art and earned fortunes, she has loved and she has lost – but she has always lived on the very fringed of mortal society. Constantly having to reinvent herself when she grows too old, never getting too close to mortals for fear of them discovering her secret. It has been a long life, a fascinating life – but a lonely one.But now it is one she shares with Frank as love blooms most unexpectedly. Now she must learn to live with a mortal and share her life she has been used to controlling and he has to learn to love a woman that much more powerful and wise than him. And on top of that, Nessa’s old enemy still stalks all she loves.And there is a demon in the city. A demon and its minions that are killing people and that the mortals cannot possibly stop. Nessa is driven to hunt it and defeat it for the sake of humanity – but the demon turns its eyes on Frank in retaliationOn the whole I appreciated several unique elements of this book. I liked its style though that could be a personal preference. The book gives me a strong sense that it was being read aloud to me rather than written. It was wonderfully crafted and showed a definite writing prowess that I imagine is hard to imitate. It managed to make the characters both well and intimately described yet still distant and managed to include large amounts of information without the usual convoluted info-dumping sense we know and loathe. It actually reminded me a great deal of Interview with a Vampire, with that sense of a story being recounted rather than read as it happened but managed to do so with a shifting point of view as well. Read More