Loved (Book #2 In The Vampire Journals)

Loved (Book #2 in the Vampire Journals) - Morgan Rice Caitlin and Caleb are on a quest to find a sword. The greatest sword in the vampire's arsenal, a sword that could end the war between the vampire races, a war that could ensure victory.And victory is essential. The evil Dark Tide Coven is pursuing its war against the good vampires – and against humanity. They are ready to march and have already placed vast containers of modified plague underneath New York to wipe out humanity.Of course, Cailtin an Caleb are not the only ones after the sword – another vampire, Samantha, has manipulated Caitlin's brother Sam toget her own claws on the blade – and Kyle, one of the oldest and most evil of the acktide Coven, also hunts the sword to get back into his masters good graces.Through all this Caitlin is delving into her own family's past – and more, the past of the vampire race entirely to say nothing of her own developing powers as a vampire. Oh and she adopts a wolf.Have you ever been on a treasure hunt? You know, following a series of cryptic clues that lead you to more cryptic clues which, in turn, lead you to yet more clues to finally reach the prize?That's basically the plot of this book. I don't mean that in a dismissive manner, since I think that plotline can be well done. But it does make for a narrow plot that is hard to summarise – the tension,. The discovery the wonder, the brain teasing, the wonder, the race – that can all be a very good plot line but hard to summarise adequatelyI will say, in this case, that I'm not overly worried by the lack – because all of that, the wonder, the race, the tension, is all kind of missing. There's no real brain teasers unless you are intimately familiar with New England's early history. There is a lot of info-dumping going on as they reach each step of the journey and feel the need to have a history lesson. It wasn't particularly exciting, tense or impactful – especially since there isn't really a lot of hype about how amazing this sword really is. The whole thing felt more like a meandering walking tour holiday to historic places of interest than a desperate quest to save vampire and mankind.Characterisation in this book feels very off to me. There's a lot of incidents where the emotions and thought of the characters just do not make sense or, more usually, are simply grossly exaggerated or disproportionate to the trigger.Like Caitlin and Caleb happen to go to her old high school – and Cailtin is jealous because the POPULAR girls are looking at Caleb! Surely this is a dire epic threat that Caitlin should fear and not in any way a complete lack of perspective! Of course, Caleb will abandon his several thousand year old quest in favour of high school seniors...Read more