Tracking the Tempest (Jane True Series #2)

Tracking the Tempest (Jane True) - Nicole Peeler Tracking the Tempest begins four months after the ending of Tempest Rising. Jane is back in Rockabil and she is beginning to learn how to control how powers. She learns how to raise her shields but not without burning off one her eyebrows. Life has settled into a nice little routine. She works at the bookstore, takes care of her father, trains and goes on long weekend with her boyfriend Ryu the vampire. This is the happiest time in Jane's life and I suppose that should have been a warning that the bottom was about to drop out.On a visit to Boston to visit Ryu for Valentine's day she comes to the attention of Conleth a rogue vampire hafling. For the majority of his life Conleth had been experimented on and now he wants revenge and he wants Jane because he feels that she alone can understand what he is feeling. Not wanting to be in danger, Jane returns to Rockabil only to have Conleth follow her there and attack. Realizing that staying in Rockabil means endangering her loved ones, Jane decides to go back to Boston and aid in the hunt for Conleth. Fearing for her safety Anyan the Bagharest follows and though she is not used to him in his human form, they become closer.As a protagonist Jane continued to grow in this book. Ryu tried to play the alpha male and he expected Jane to just stay behind like a good little woman, but she did not tolerate this. At one point she even jumped in front of a knife meant for him. Though Jane is clearly afraid, she keeps pushing forward. She discovers very necessary clues that the others would have missed because they discount things like reading due to the belief that writing books is a pathetic attempt of humans to secure immortality. Her decisions are well thought it which is a rare thing to see in a genre that is filled with spunky agency.Jane continues to enjoy a very active sex life. She is adventurous and never feels any shame. What I don't like is the fact that in dangerous situations, Jane's libido always seems to pop up. Yes, being afraid for your life is apparently the biggest turn on. It was ridiculous and I found it extremely distracting. Read More