Tempest's Legacy (Jane True Series #3)

Tempest's Legacy (Jane True) - Nicole Peeler Back in Rockabill, Jane True continues to work on her training with Nell and hanging out at the local watering hole with her friends. Things are still awkward with Ryu the baobhan sith, now that she knows that a relationship between them is just not something that she wants. Jane's feelings for Anyan Barghest. Each day Jane becomes more confidant in her skills, which is good thing because she is going to need all of her power to bring justice the man who killed her mother and kidnapped Iris.Jane wants to fully participate in the investigation but Anyan and Ryu have other ideas until she uses her magic to slam them repeatedly the ground. Things have changed and Jane now not only has the ability to defend herself, but the ability to go on the offensive. Traveling to the Borderlands, Jane learns about the warehouses set up to experiment on purebloods and halflings. As she listens to the stories of the survivors she is even more determined that this must come to an end. No matter his position in the court, Jarl cannot continue to experiment on women in this fashion. Tempest Legacy, is the third book in the Jane True series and just like many books in the genre, it seems that Peeler has finally seen fit to make her world a touch more diverse. In this book, for the first time ever we meet people of colour. Though I am happy to finally see some people of colour, Peeler feel into what we like call the blackety black trap in her description of Capitola.Read More