Upon the Midnight Clear (Dream-Hunter Series #2)

Upon the Midnight Clear (Dream-Hunter Series #2) - Aidan is a first rate actor, academy award winner and Hollywood A-list. He has been betrayed by everyone he loved and cared about – leaving him with a very low view of humanity and a complete inability to trust people.But his brother has decided to seek further revenge and summoned Dolor – the embodiment and deity of Pain who will be freed by human sacrifice – and by torturing and killing Aidan. Leta, the Oneroi a sleep goddess, has given herself the task to control Dolor, to prevent any more people falling to his cruelty. She never dreamed anyone would be inhuman enough to summon him, but he is free again.Together, Leta and Aidan have to fight and defeat Dolor – and restore Aidan’s faith in humanity and his ability to love.Ok so Aidan has been betrayed by most of his loved ones. His girlfriend left him and told lies about him to the tabloids, as did his best friend, brother and nephew. That’s got to hurt and be awful. He’s retreated to an isolated spot where he doesn’t have to see anyone, comforted by the $100,000,000 in his bank account but pestered by his agent who keeps ringing offering him multi-million dollar blockbuster movie deals. He hates all people, is going to die alone and trusts no-one and will drive them away with his rage!Let us now call the waaahbulance for this man – but keep the siren off because he won’t be able to hear us playing sad songs on our teeny tiny violins for him.Ok, perhaps unfair a little – and being betrayed by so many people you care about is harsh. But he’s still a very wealthy, talented actor with a great career – sulking in the mountains because all humans suck seems to be rather an extreme reaction. And it only looks worse because of the world it’s in. This is the Dark Hunters world. A world where we have followed:Zarek, a man who was tortured and mutilated from childhood until deathValerius, a man whose family brutalised and shunned him then spent the last 2,000 years being further shunnedKyrian, a man betrayed by his wife that lead him to being brutally tortured to deathRead More