Kitty's Big Trouble

Kitty's Big Trouble - Carrie Vaughn Kitty has received a call from Anastasia – Roman is acting again. The ancient vampire playing a game of nothing short of world domination is on the move again with a new plot and a new plan. This involving a magical artefact of great power that could severely twist the balance in the struggle. Anastasia needs backup – and of course that involves Kitty.So Kitty finds herself travelling to San Francisco. But the action is not nearly as simple as she imagined as she delves deeply into Chinatown and faces beings she never encountered before and a whole different level of threats and questions. They’re outside their territory and dealing with threats outside their experience – as if a 2,000 year old vampire weren’t more than threat enough. There’s a lot to learn, a lot of new experiences and whole new concepts to graspAnd, of course, while she’s willing to backup Anastasia because she doesn’t want Roman to win an more than the vampire does, she also has to deal with the fact so many vampires see werewolves as servants and footsoldiers. It’s a balance to help without being pigeonholed into a subordinate role.Then there’s always the question of how far a werewolf wants to be dragged into vampire plotting – and whether she can afford not to beI like this book though there weren’t many twists or mysteries, there was a lot of exploration and expansion of what had happened before and a development of the meta-plot. We’re setting our feet solidly and focusing a lot on the pack of three that I like so much. We can see the relationships develop more, boundaries set, plans laid and everything just moved along against an interesting backdrop and a curious, intriguing and exciting storyline. There are no real twists, but there’s a lot that’s curious and interesting and expanded uponRead More