The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane)

The Mage in Black - Jaye Wells At the end of Red Headed Step Child, Sabina was leaving the west coast to head for New York to finally meet her long lost sister Maisie, the head oracle of the mages. Sabina is still filled with rage about the betrayal of her grandmother Lavinia, and feels that by getting in touch with her mage heritage, she might find a way to finally defeat her. This trip also offers the opportunity for Sabina to start over and be a different person from her grandmother raised her to be. In the process of reconnecting to a lost past, Sabina hopes to discover who she really is.When she gets to New York, Sabina quickly realizes that mage ways are very different from the vampire norms that she has become accustomed to. Mages are highly concerned about human life and see them as innocents who are not to be harmed. Being raised strictly as a vampire, Sabina has never had any real concern for human safety. For the first time in her life, Sabina discovers that her physical abilities as a vampire assassin are not going to help her. Mage life is built around magic and her grimoire contains one spell - the spell for summoning Giguhl, her demon familiar. Sabina is frustrated by her failure to advance quickly, but promises herself that she will not make the same mistake twice.Sabina no longer has a source of income now that she is no longer an assassin, and so after being forced into fighting the alpha of the werewolves, Slade offers her work pitting Giguhl against other demons in he ring. Sabina initially rejects the offer but when Giguhl makes it clear that this is something that she wants to do, she eventually concedes and becomes his manager. The demon quickly becomes a hit, though he spends his winnings having sex with fairy prostitutes, that is until he meets Valva, the demon of his dreams.Just as on the west coast, Sabina continues to be a target and it isn't long before she realizes that a mage is trying to kill her. A demon is sent to kill her and she barely survives the assault thanks to the help of Giguhl. If that were not enough, she has to deal with her feelings for Slade i.e. The Shade the vampire ruler of the city, and her blossoming feelings for the mage Adam. The supernatural world is also on the brink of war, and though this is what Sabina wants, the hesitancy of the mage council to vote and the resistance of Queen Maive - the fairy queen to agree to ally with the mages, keeps everything in limbo. In short, it's a very dangerous time to be a half breed.Read More