Love Hurts

Love Hurts - Catherine Green Jessica is living a normal, quiet life in Redcliff in Cornwall. She has her bookshop, her good friends and a general, happy life. It’s quite, but far better than the life she had in Manchester. Her best friend is having a baby and she’s looking forward to playing auntie, and looking after Liz in her pregnancyAnd then Jack enters her life. Handsome, sexy and definitely interested in Jessica who finally shows her what real love is really about – both the highs and the lows. With him her circle expands to include many new friends including his intriguing twin brother, Danny.Of course, things are rather more complicated by the fact that Jack is a vampire. Suddenly her world is widened considerably by vampires, werewolves and witches. Old friends carry long secrets and she has to face a whole new reality – and decide whether she fits into that – or whether she wants to fit at all especially with her own realisations about herself.But Jack and Daniel also com with enemies – and Jessica is a perfect target for them to get to the brothersWhile the world isn’t especially novel, it is fun and it is different. Werewolves and vampires working together, the twin bond between Daniel and Jack and her own development as a witch all promise for interesting, unique elements.The story itself wasn’t hugely unique but nor was it boring. We have a full sense of the emotional impact these revelations have and just how much they truly overwhelm Jessica’s life. Too often in the genre we see a perfectly ordinary woman dropped into a supernatural world and she blinks twice then moves on. Here we have the full strength of that impact. Jessica doesn’t just blink and move on, nor does she accept instantly and absorb everything completely as a wonderful, good thing. It’s nice to see a protagonist who doesn’t just act like werewolves and vampires are no more unusual than the postman being late.Read More