Bad Blood (House of Comarré, #3)

Bad Blood (House of Comarré, #3) - Kristen Painter When we last left Chrysabelle she had been stripped over her signum and her status as Comarré for daring to bring Creek, Kubai Mata and Malkolm the cursed vampire onto sacred Comarré land. She is saved by in an infusion of Malkolm's blood, but instead of being grateful to be alive, Chrysabelle feels violated and that her pure blood has been defiled. Despite having her skin cut off her back, Chrysabelle is determined to see the Aurelian again to find out the identity of her brother. To do this, she must find a sigmatist to re-tattoo her and since the only sanctified gold she has access to is currently in the form of the ring of sorrows, this means she must retrieve it.Though Chrysabelle is involved in her own drama - surprise surprise, Samhain is quickly approaching and this means that the protections that kept humans from seeing the supernatural world around them will finally be completely erased. Doc is able to switch to his true form but it comes with a cost. Fi is desperate to find a way to save the man she loves, but because Mal is off once again with Chrysabelle she must marshal other sources. Creek is charged by KM to protect the mortals from the demons and various other worldly creatures that are appearing on the streets of Paradise City. Dominic's fake comarré are being murdered and with the world completely going completely off kilter, this might have been ignored if one of the women hadn't been the mayor's daughter, who just happened to give birth to a half vampire child. The witches of course are plotting but this time they have trapped a Castus [read: demon] in a fish tank of all things, to do their bidding.Chrsyabelle is so determined to secure the ring of sorrows that she blocks this all out. She heads off to New Orleans to deal with the fae. Though this puts Mal at risk, because no vampires are allowed in the city of endless night, he accompanies her to keep her safe. He does all of this because he loves Chrysabelle, though he does not feel worthy of her attentions. For her part, Chrysabelle, spends most of the book ordering Mal around and charging around New Orleans. Chrysabelle is in a city that she is not familiar with, immersed in fae politics, but she cannot be arsed to listen to Mortalis, her fae guide. This is typical spunky agency at its best. Why oh why are these people letting her lead? She is so worried about Mal over reacting and going all vamp, that it does not even occur to her that she could potentially be wrong about anything. This of course silences any reasonable dissent that Mal could present.Read More