Flip This Zombie (Living with the Dead Series #2)

Flip This Zombie - Jesse Petersen Sarah and Dave are zombiebusters – trading with their fellow survivors in the badlands to clear out pods of zombies that are in inconvenient places. It’s a lucrative job (in so far as anything is lucrative after the zombie apocalypse) and they’re beginning to gain some minor celebrity status.So much so that they have been noticed by Dr. Barnes. A government scientist holed up in a working facility who thinks he has that most precious of holy grails – a cure for zombies.Sarah and Dave (and their new companion, Robbie, a kid they saved who brings his own drama) are now tasked with finding and capturing living zombies – far easier said than done. Especially since there is a new kind of zombies out there- bionic zombies who don’t seem nearly as mindless as the ones they’re used to killingIt’s more complicated in that Dave does not trust Dr. Barnes and a rift develops between he and Sarah as her hope clashes with his cynicism.This book had an interesting story that added some more twists to the zombie tales. I’m not entirely sure if they have been done before (they feel like stories that should have been done before) but I haven’t read them. It was an interesting concept and (largely) held together (I think David’s seeing of the brand on the neck was too early to maintain any kind of mystery and it just served to undermine Sarah). I won’t say the ending was predictable – it had interesting twists that were unexpected for one – but nor was it a complete surprise either. Still, the journey was fun and interesting even if the destination wasn’t unexpected.The very concept of zombie hunters in the badlands is such a fun one. And it nicely adds a new element to the whole post-zombie-apocalypse survivor meme. Usually we see survivors hunkering down, hiding, trying to find a safe place and scratch a living in the new, harsh world. There's lots of running, lots of hiding, lots of fear and lots of despair. People fight when they have to but run when they can - ultimately, safety is the goal. Having Dave and Sarah hunting down the zombies, exterminating them is a wonderful twist to the idea. They're not running in fear, this is their day jobs and while things are bad and scary they've taken it in stride and are now dealing with it. They're professional, capable and fit well into the world they've found themselves in. It makes both of them great characters and adds more depth to a setting you can examine as an actual setting rather than a horrific background of fear that the characters have to navigateThere are also elements and scenes that I just love – Sarah’s love of weaponry, the horde of zombie guinea pigs the idea of libraries being some kind of shrine – these are nice elements that added fun and depth to the book.Read More