Autumn: Disintegration

Autumn: Disintegration - David Moody When I first started reading Moody's Autumn series, I was completely drawn in. Moody's work is stark but it grabs you right away. With each word, the reader is forced to place themselves in the place of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Moody has once again re-entered his post apocalyptic world to give us yet another story of survivors. What started out as innovative and new has simply become repetitive and boring. As in other books, even when dealing with different survivors, Moody attempts to connect them to each other. In this case, the connection was a helicopter which we are meant to assume was the one used to ferry the survivors to Cormansey to avoid the continuing threat the zombies posed. Trapped a hotel, trying to be as quiet as possible these survivors are desperate to get the attention of the helicopter because with each passing day it becomes clear that the distraction that has been for the zombies is no longer holding their attention.The new element in Disintegration is a disease that is now killing off survivors who survived the initial release of the virus. They believe that it comes from contact with the diseases that a mass amount of dead bodies would create. They are forced to decide whether to quarantine and ignore this latest round of victims or attempt to help them at the risk of getting sick. The question then becomes, is it okay to leave someone who is sick alone to die at the hands of zombies to save your own life?Read More