Phoenix Rising (Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Series #1)

Phoenix Rising - Philippa Ballantine, Tee Morris Miss Eliza Braun first meets archivist Wellington Books when she saves him from captivity. Like all missions involving Braun, she does not completely follow orders, and leaves behind a trail of destruction. Her punishment is to be sent down to the archives to assist Books with cataloging the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences case files. For someone who loves to be out in the field, chasing down bad guys, this is punishment. Books for his part is not happy to have someone meddling with his case files.It isn't long before he catches Eliza investigating the last case that her former partner worked on. Books knows that he should not get involved and that he should return to his much loved archives, but he gets drawn into the intrigue when he discovers that an ancient secret society is behind several unexplained deaths. Eliza loaded with guns, and a bullet proof corset urges Books on as they go undercover in an attempt to reveal the depths of the depravity.This book is easily one of the best steampunk novels that I have ever read. It had a blindingly quick pace, yet one never feels as though the story is being rushed. The relationship between Eliza and Books grows from distrust to true partnership with a hint of a romance, leaving the reader wanting more of the illustrious pair. The banter between them flows between delightful snark, and true concern. It is impossible not to adore either Eliza or Books, or hope that Eliza is successful in corrupting the moral fortitude of her partner.Eliza is from New Zealand, and being in London she is often seen as a backward colonial. She uses this to her advantage to shock those around her. Books is haunted by the loss of his mother and his overbearing father. The archives is where he has retreated from the life that he was born to. In this case, he must battle the specter of his past, while not losing sight of who he is.Read More