Managing Death

Managing Death - Trent Jamieson Steven de Selby is the newest RM of Mortmax industries, member of the Orcus and avatar of death for the whole of Australia.And that’s not an easy job. It’s especially not an easy job when you have lost as many people as he has and are still reeling from the shock of a near regional apocalypse. Now he has powers he barely understands, duties he understands even less and none of it is something he wanted or asked for. Worse, the other RMs are all ruthless murderers who reached their position by climbing over the bodies of their predecessors and he has to deal with them.The Stirrer god also draws closer – a being that could herald the end of all life itself; but before he can even think about dealing with it he has to bring all the RMs together in a Death Moot to discuss strategy.But they’re playing their own game. They have a long term plan that involves him – but he’s not part of it. And as he’s dragged into it by Suzanne, RM for North America, he also learns far more about what it means to be an RM and the Hungry Death that lurks inside all of them; even as the association damages his relationship with Lissa.And then there’s Rillman an ex-employee of Mr. D’s who left under bad terms. In fact he wants to kill Steven as slowly and painfully as possible, and the other RMs and quite possibly destroy death itself. This could be a Bad thing. Especially since it seems he just might be able to do it.In the first book Steven spends a lot of time flailing around, lost, confused and utterly overwhelmedIn the second book, Steven spends most of the time flailing around, lost, confused and utterly overwhelmed. Yes, again. The difference is that he’s has been doing this job for 3 months now and he’s still flailing around ineptly. In fact, by the end of the book I still had zero idea what a Regional Manager of death actually DID except exist, have birds spy on his girlfriend and have lots of discussions with other Regional Managers. Lissa and Tim intervention him about slacking off and doing nothing but after that he doesn’t seem to do anything differently.Yes he has suffered losses – but so have Lissa and Tim. And they’re moving on, putting in double shifts to keep the organisation going while he drowns himself in rum and sleeps in (despite not needing to sleep). He has these new shiny powers but he doesn’t know how to use them. He makes little to no effort to learn about them and no effort to practice the few powers he does know. He has Mr. D to act as guide and advisor but he has to be virtually dragged to his presence to get any advice or training. He knows Aunt Nettie is angry with him but he makes no attempt to reconcile – instead preferring to avoid her. The only reason he learns anything about his job, his powers, the company’s history or anything else is because Suzanne the North American RM pushes him into a deal that forces him to spend time listening to her train him.Read more