Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampires Series #6)

Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampires Series #6) - Merit and the newly resurrected Ethan are on a road trip to desperately find the Malefacium, a book of all of magic’s evil that has been sealed away for millennia. Mallory, Merit’s best friend and a sorceress, has been driven to her limit by her addiction to dark magic and is determined to bring down the barriers of good and evil – no matter the cost and no matter who it hurts.But Mallory isn’t the only one interested in the book. Tate, the former Mayor of Chicago, drug dealer, murderer and supernatural being of unknown origin is also after the book for his own purposes. When they find it, the story is just beginning, because a whole new force is unleashed on the world. Tate’s nature is revealed, and it’s worse than any of them expected.Finding out how to stop him seems an almost impossible task as they dig through the records of history, consulting magic, fae and gnomes in an attempt to bring him to heel.To add to the drama, Cadogan house faces ongoing investigation from both the Greenwich Prisidium and the Mayor of Chicago. And, after Ethan’s resurrection, there’s ongoing magical problems that may threaten his relationship with Mallory.This series continues to have the wonderful, wide, rich world I love. The different supernatural creatures, all with their own unique twists that set them apart from other Urban Fantasy really adds to make this a unique series.I like the characters, they’re very human now they’ve finally grown up. And Merit’s relationship with Lindsey and the other guards and friendly vampires is great fun – and shows a mundane side to the protagonist’s life that most urban fantasy’s miss. Most protagonists are either fighting, worrying or having sex, it’s rare to see them sitting around having a pizza night. And I do love Merit’s love of food, it’s a nice human quality to her, even though I generally don’t like vampires eating.The story itself is decently paced with few flat down time moments. It twists quite abruptly from what I expected with the epic fight for the Malefacium being over almost instantly, but leading to a new, much more epic conflict that also fills in a lot of the gaps from before.The investigation that follows is an actual investigation, lots of questions, lots of research, following of careful clues and lots of hitting the books. It makes sense, it’s logical and it adds a lot of richness to the world. All in all there was a lot of very good elements to this book.I think the main problem I have with this book is I kept asking “why?” And I kept asking this because the motivation of so much of the action just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me and seems to have been added for the sake of just creating conflict.Read More