Passing Strange (Generation Dead Novels)

Passing Strange - Daniel Waters It took me quite some time to get around to reading the third installment of the Generation Dead series and this largely because, Generation Dead and Kiss of Life were easily amongst the most failtastic books I have ever come across. Were it not for our commitment to finishing series once we start them, there is no way that I would have picked up this book.Tommy is off in Washington trying to get legal rights for zombies who are living with the fall out for being framed for the death of Gutteridge - the lawyer who was hired to defend Pete after he murdered Layman. The Reverend is still using Pete as his tool to frame as many zombies as possible for different crimes. Despite getting lucky enough to only get probation, Pete does not have the good sense to leave the zombies alone. As much as he is repelled by them, he is angry that the one girl he loved did not come back.This novel is the first in the series where Karen is the protagonist. She works in the mall and is passing as living. Most of the novel is spent dealing with Karen's feelings about her suicide and depression, as well as building a relationship with her family. I think the best moments in this story involve Karen and her father because we see both sides of the effects of suicide. Karen refers to her depression as a blue fog and waters actually does a good job explaining the pain of living with depression. Read More