Frayed (A Madison Lark Novella )

Frayed (A Madison Lark Novella ) - Blakely Chorpenning The shifter community is in an uproar because their teenagers seem to be missing. Because there is little communication between the leopards, weres, etc., it has taken sometime for them to realise the breadth of the problem.Fray is a mixed martial artist who loves and lives to fight. Her brother assigns Fray to investigate the disappearances with Nash - a vampire. Fray is not at all pleased as it seems that distrust not only extends to other shifters but to the undead as well. Chorpenning has a large world with various types of shifters, as well as vampires. The cast is filled with mixed race people, which is a nice change of pace from all White worlds. I do however think that despite being told that Fray had a paternal African grandmother and typical Black features, there were no markers other than description to mark her as a person of colour. The same unfortunately occurred with other characters.Fray is yet another character in this genre who has zero impulse control, no respect for authority. She ridiculously allowed herself to be captured without much forethought. I found it very hard to like Fray mainly because I am tired of seeing this kind of woman in urban fantasy. Why is it so hard to have a character who is capable of having a conversation without flying off the damn handle every two seconds. She hardly behaves like adult woman she is supposed to be.Read more