Two Ravens and One Crow: An Iron Druid Chronicles Novella

Two Ravens and One Crow  - Kevin Hearne,  Luke Daniels Regular readers know that we are huge fans of Kevin Hearne and have a tendency to fanpoodle terribly, but oh my goodness it's Kevin Hearne, how could we not? Because this is a novella, it's going to be difficult to talk about without spoilers, so consider yourself warned. Atticus still has a few years left in his training of Granuaile and this of course means much sexual tension. He has devised a plan with Oberon to "conceal the tower of his CARNAL DESIRE," by leaving to give his faithful hound a snack when she starts to perform her exercises in tight fighting work our gear. They both know that something is going on between them, but Atticus believes that their relationship must remain professional.Into this sexual angst drops the Morrigan to order Atticus, who she still insists on calling Siodhachan to come away with her immediately. Before they can attend a dinner with the Gods who wish to converse with Atticus, he must have his tattoos repaired and this is something only the Morrigan can do, unfortunately for Atticus. In Two Ravens and One Crow we get to see a different side of the Morrigan. According to Atticus she laughs almost girlishly - a term that most certainly does not go hand in hand with the Morrigan. When they enter the chamber of abundance, fertility and harmony, we get to see her frustration and not being able to connect with others because she represents "sex or violent death. Sometimes both." Just when I thought that the Morrigan could not be even more complex this revelation of an inability to connect with others and that it brings her sadness adds a new dimension to her character. Read More