Dark Descendant

Dark Descendant - Jenna Black Nikki is a private detective with a difficult past, a loving family and an unusual case – emit believes his sister has been taken by a cult and wants her to investigate. Normally she’d listen to her instincts, but since it’s an ideal excuse to get out of an awkward blind date, it sounds much more appealing.Until she finds herself driving on an icy road – and running over and killing Emmitt as he smiled and didn’t even try to save himself.Which rapidly leads her in a room full of people who think she just killed their friend – worse, they think she did it on purpose to steal his power. She’s a descendent of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, and her powers have been activated now she has killed another descendent of a deity – something the others – the other Liberi – have a hard time believing she did by accident.And it doesn’t stop there – as a descendent of Artemis, she is one of the rarest deity bloodlines and her powers are in very high demand by both these Liberi – and the Olympians; an ancient, powerful and completely ruthless group of Liberi who will resort to any tactic to bring her to their side.I like this world – the idea of the immortal descendants of all the gods who can only die if they are killed by other humans descended from the gods is a fascinating one. The competing organisations of demi-deities promises to be a fun and epic fight.The story itself is very focused – we don’t have much in the way of side plots or distractions and the action happens appropriately, downtime happening off the page rather than having to laboriously detail the grunt work and the daily grind. This comes together to make it a very well paced book, it’s not a long book and not a word is wasted; it’s on target and at no point is it not telling the story. If anything, I think the book may be sparse in places; Nikki’s interactions with the Liberi she lives with would have been interesting to see and to add more than just names to characters. At the same time, it wasn’t necessary knowledge for the story and we were never left without information we needed to make the plot hold together – so all of this development can pause for a later book. The only issue I can raise on the excellent pacing is that Nikki often doesn’t drive her own plot. This is understandable given that she has been immersed in a completely new, alien world. But at times she does seem to hide from it and just hope it all goes away – again, that’s probably understandable.Read More