A Vampire Walks Into a Bar (Cassandra Bick Chronicles, #1.5)

A Vampire Walks Into a Bar (Cassandra Bick Chronicles, #1.5) - Tracey Sinclair A Vampire Walks Into A Bar, takes place after the end of Dark Dates. Unlike Dark Dates, this short story essentially focuses on an interaction between Laclos the vampire and Cain the earthbound angel. Cain is sitting in a bar trying to drown his sorrows after having been given the boot by Cassandra when Laclos walks in with a problem. It seems that there is a new hunter in London and of course, he is fixated on Cassandra. Can these two men get along enough to ascertain whether there is a real threat and, if so, deal with it?We got to learn a little bit more about Cain's background in this short story. Learning that he was once crucified does much to explain exactly how painful his past is. Sinclair also explained why it is that Cain remains so out of touch with modern times unlike Laclos. It makes sense that changing human morality, conventions and names would have little effect on him and it helps to make him an even more fascinating character.Despite strong references as to why homophobia is wrong, I felt that there was a lot of homophobia in this book. Laclos is bisexual and is well aware that Cain is not in the least bit interested in him, yet he touches him inappropriately and Lacolos' speech is constantly littered with inappropriate sexual innuendos.Read More