Strange Fates

Strange Fates - Marlene Perez Nyx is the only son of the fourth fatem Lady Fortuna. Unable to die and filled with rage, Nyx has decided to track down his mothers murderers, who happen to be his aunts - the three Fates. For much of his life, his aunts have tried to kill him and now, Nyx is not only tired of immortality, he is tired of running.After learning that his aunts have setup a business in Minneapolis, Nyx travels there but his mission to finally avenge his mother and die peacefully, are quickly sidelined when he meets Elizabeth. Before he knows it, Nyx is not only working for his aunts in disguise, he is also hunting down Elizabeth's missing brother. Time however is not on his side because the tracker is still looking for Nyx intent on killing him. Can Nyx help his new girlfriend save her missing brother and stay alive long enough to finally get the revenge he has waited centuries for?The setting for Strange Fates is very unique. Descendants of the Roman Gods all exist and practice magic in the present day. They all bear markers of their allegiance, like a trident for Poseidon for example. We are told that the Gods are missing, but the descendants manage to continue to wage their petty wars and disagreements nonetheless. The concept itself should have been extremely compelling, especially for someone like me who is a bit of a mythology buff, but I found in many places that Strange Fates just fell flat.Perez has an extremely repetitive writing style. The entire premise of Nyx being in Minnesota is to get revenge on his aunts and yet we are reminded of this continually throughout the book. To make matters worse, Strange Fates is set up as a sort of mystery, but a toddler could have figured out who the bad guy was long before the story ended. When this added to the convenience with which Nyx just happens to run into people, it makes the story absolutely simplistic.Read More