The Brazen Amazon

The Brazen Amazon - Sandy James Sekhmet, the Destroyer, has arisen again from her long imprisonment by her father, Ra. And she’s taking up her old task, what she was made to do, to end the world itself.Which falls to the Amazons to stop her, as they would any Ancient running amok. Gina, the Air Amazon, is assigned to protect Zach, technological genius whose invention could hand Sekhmet the keys to the apocalypse.Not that Zach knows it – or about magic, amazons, gods or the strange guys who can shock him to death with just a touch of their hands. After the second time he’s rendered unconscious, it’s going to be difficult for Gina to explain.Especially since he may be the one for her – her soulmate just as her sisters have found. Which is going to be hard to pursue with the jealous and angry Richard, complete with his own agenda and his own ability to electrocute with a touch.One thing I liked about the relationship in this book is that we got away from having a male love interest who was an authority figure over the Amazon – which meant we had less of the orders and instructions that didn’t work for me in Impetuous Amazon and made Reluctant Amazon so very dubious. Gina can talk to Zach as an equal, even a superior because of her greater knowledge and power.Yet, the relationship was far more annoying to me. We have the extremely fast-forwarded falling in love from Gina and Zach which is accompanied by lots of excessively describing how distracting the other is though they never ever ever feel like this for anyone else, not even women Zach is sleeping with because her presence for the last few days is just so much more special than any woman ever. And, yes, she is a 26 year old virgin.The primary source of conflict was brought by Richard, Son of Gaia and also crushing hard on Gina. So he and Zach hate each other. They hate each other form the very beginning, since Zach is established as Richard’s “competition” so quickly. They call each other childish names, they constantly bite at each other and they actually physically come to blows. Richard even tries to kill Zach in a moment of supremely ridiculous pettiness. Gina makes her choice clear over and over and is constantly ignored. This makes for endless interactions ruined by pettiness, jealousy, big strong he-man growling and other testosterone poisoned scenes. We even had a convoluted misunderstanding scene for extra jealous flounce.The Amazon series does a good job about calling out a lot of sexism – like Gina referring to the misogyny in her old work place and objecting to being called “chick”; but then puts up with a whole lot of alpha male jealousy bullshit from the love interests.Note that while these 2 men are locking antlers over Gina, there is a goddess of destruction trying to bring about the end of the world. This is what annoys me about a lot of paranormal romance with big dramatic background: your characters look petty if they pay each other’s humpable potential more attention than the actual end of the world.Read More