Blood Drive (Anna Strong Series #2)

Blood Drive - Jeanne C. Stein Blood Drive, begins a few months after the death of Avery, the vampire who attempted to kill Anna's partner and make her into something she is not in The Becoming. Anna is still very much determined to retain her human connections, despite the advice of Culebra. She wants to hold onto her relationship with her boyfriend Max, her parents, and her partner David for as long as she possibly can. Anna knows that losing her will greatly hurt her parents, who have never gotten over the death of her older brother Steve. Anna is very aware that the fact that she will not age, means at some point she has to put her connections behind her, and this will leave her parents to deal with losing another child. Already they are beginning to notice that Anna has lost about 20lbs and looks leaner and stronger. This haunts her but she continues to put one foot in front of the other.She goes to Mexico to satisfy her urge to feed and absolutely refuses to deal with the fact that as Avery's heir she has responsibilities and realities that she needs to face. When Steve's former girlfriend Patricia asks to meet with Anna, after being absent for 14 years from the Strongs life, Anna is not in the least bit interested. When Carolyn arrives and Anna discovers that life has been hard for her, some of the jealousy that she held onto disappeared. This woman is no longer the gorgeous co-ed whose body exudes sex, and instead she has gained a significant amount of weight and her face reflects the hard life that she has lived. Carolyn tells her that her 13 year old daughter Trish is missing, and though she has done her best to get her help, she fears that her daughter has killed someone. Carolyn assumes that because of what Anna does for a living that she will have no problem finding her and keeping the police out of it. Anna is resistant about getting involved, until Carolyn tells her that the child is actually her niece - a child fathered by her dead brother Steve. Carolyn offers some pictures of her daughter, and when they look, the Strongs immediately see the familial resemblance.Carolyn claims that she tired to get Mr. Frey a teacher at the school to help, but suspects that he is a pedophile and actually abused Trish instead of helping her. Carolyn goes on to suggest that they are both responsible for the death of another student. This greatly disturbs Mrs. Strong because she now has to deal with the fact that her granddaughter is in great trouble, and a trusted teacher at her school could be the responsible party. Together Anna and her mother decide to investigate the case.When they arrive at the school, Anna seeks out Mr. Frey, only to discover that he is not human. He can enter her mind and communicate with her, but his mind is almost completely shut off to her. It turns out that Frey is a shapeshifter with the ability to turn into a black panther. He points out that she would know exactly what he is, if she had bothered to get involved with the supernatural community. When Anna plies him for more information he doles out small amounts and sends her on her way.Read More