Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock Series #1)

Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock Series #1) - Jane Yellowrock is a skinwalker, the only one she knows. Of course, she doesn’t know much about being a skinwalker or her past - having been found in the woods as a child with no memory of her life beforehand.She’s also a vampire hunter, and an extremely good one. Now she has made a name for herself, the vampires of New Orleans have called her in to hunt down a rogue that is slaughtering the tourists and the police force - and making the vampires look bad.Jane has to hunt down the rogue, but in the process she learns far more about her past and her Cherokee heritage, as well as some disturbing things about her history as a skinwalker - and the history of Beast, the great Puma spirit that shares her body. And then she learns things about the rogue that make him more terrifying and more powerful than she had ever imagined.And, of course, working with vampires is never simple, with their politics and machinations and endless secrets, it can be hard to say the least to decide who to trust and whether you have all the information you need.I was originally attracted to this book because the protagonist is not only a woman of colour, she is an indigenous woman. The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs is the only other series that I am aware of with a Native American character. From the onset, I was prepared to have the protagonist be indigenous in name only, but I was present surprised to see that this is not the case. That being said, I must preface this support by saying that though the book included extensive reference to Cherokee culture, and the language, as someone not intimately familiar with said culture, I am not sure how accurate the inclusion was.Jane Yellowrock is a Cherokee Skinwalker, who was raised in an orphanage from the age of 13 when she was discovered. It is assumed that she was raised by wolves because when found she did not know how to speak or have mastered even the smallest rules for human interaction. Urban fantasy readers are well aware of the fact that dead parents is quite the trope in the genre however in the case, there is clearly more to the story that we are lead to believe in the beginning. Jane has lost her memories but over time some of them begin to comeback to her, and they include a very specific memory of her father.Read More