The Dream-Hunter (Dream-Hunter Series #1)

The Dream-Hunter (Dream-Hunter Series #1) - Arikos is a Dream Hunter, an Oneroi. A race of beings that police and aid the dreams of humans though labour under a terrible curse that has robbed them of all their emotions. But Arikos is also a Skotos – who enters the vibrant dreams of humans and drains of excess emotions through sexy dreams. Most Skoti drift from human to human, chased and hunted by the other Oneroi for the damage they do, tolerated only so long as they do not stay with one human too long.But Arikos is enamoured by one woman, Megeara, with her incredibly powerful and wild emotions, repressed in the flesh but running rampant when she sleeps. So enraptured by her, he is driven to make a desperate bargain with Hades to be made human so he can be with her in the flesh.But his actions are not without consequence. The other Dream Hunters fear he will reveal their secrets and have him hunted, while Megeara’s quest to find Atlantis enrages the gods and risks raising Appolymi, the ancient Atlantean goddess of destruction.And things only become more complicated when they seek to dodge the price he owes HadesIt is common in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter (and related) series for us to have about 50% of the book dedicated to a romance followed by 50% of plot. This often leads me to be not very happy with the book, then reach"> 50% and start smiling.Sadly, this book didn’t quite fit that pattern. I’d say we had about 80% of the romance (or plots around the romance) before actually reaching the main plot which, even then, was romance related. And, as is often the case, I found the romance problematic. I also found it rather dull and the story that supported it weak – as well as just brushing off major elements of the meta-story.Read More