Magic Burns (Kate Daniels Series #2)

Magic Burns (Kate Daniels Series #2) - Kate Daniels, Magical Mercenary and liaison for the Order is faced with a new, confusing challenge in the dystopian world of magic ravaged Atlanta. Old gods are being invoked by witches who seem incapable of understanding what they're calling and monstrous creatures from the depth of mythology are roaming free hunting – hunting a little girl who has lost the last shreds of her family and has been deeply betrayed.Kate steps forward to protect the child, find her mother and find out exactly what these monsters are – monsters that can always find her and keep coming back. Only to find that the entire city of Atlanta stands at risk of destruction unless she stops it.And there's a flare coming. Magic waves are coming more and more often – and more and more intensely, causing friends to become ever more unstable and everything more unpredictable. When magic flares, gods walk and no-one is safe.This story started slow with a great deal of confusion because so much was happening. Despite that I think it was a good beginning because it carried the theme of unknowing and being lost that characterised so much of this book. The characters are strong, dominant and active people who are frustrated by the lack of knowledge and the events that run away from them – and always with the looming menace of the flare. I think that Ilona Andrews has an amazing grasp of theme and can really set the tone of a scene or a book.Read more