Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels Series #4)

Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews We have another new epic here. Oh yes we do. There's a new evil in town, a powerful ancient evil that spreads plague and destruction and death – that can make warriors run in terror, that can fight the greatest fighters in the city with ease and leaves a trail of magically sentient plague behind. Not even the best experts in the city knows who this threat is, not Saiman, not the People, not the Order – and it's already moved through several cities leaving a swath of destruction and death. And if that weren't enough – for Kate, this may be a family matter.With a new epic bad guy in town Kate has to literally save Atlanta – and the pack. But she's also coming to more and more attention of the servants of Roland – the ancient and enormously powerful leader of the People of the Dead seeking to re-establish a new empire. He's looking for her and with every battle it becomes harder for her to hide.And there's her rocky, tumultuous and explosive relationship with Curran – whether she wants to involve herself in the Pack, whether she can with her Order affiliation and, above all, whether she can deal with the demands Curran puts on her and whether he can tolerate her refusal to bend. And that's before you get to the inflexible and prejudiced Order that would deny humanity to the people she cares for the mostIt's a lot to handle and, in many ways, an entirely new beginning for Kate. Epic battles, a new life and a whole lot of struggle.I will start with a complaint. Kate and Curran both have differing versions of an event. Both of them believe the other acted in an extremely unreasonable, insulting (and totally out of character) manner. Naturally, being reasonable adults, they quickly realised something was amiss and sat down to talk sensibly about it, quickly discovering the error and correcting it.HAH! Course they didn't! In fiction romances, no-one ever does that! No, instead they both sulked and pouted with each other, had blazing rows and refused to speak to each other for a good half the book. Oh the misunderstanding trope. Why Ms. Andrews, why? You're better than this! I hate this trope, I really do. You get a misunderstanding that would literally take 3 minutes to sort out but both characters instantly go off in a high dudgeon so you have convoluted, manufactured conflict. And in this book it's especially annoying – we've had 3 books where this relationship has built slowly and realistically with a lot of depth and detail (rather than the usual, clumsy, love at first woo-woo) and after all that wait and development we finally arrived! And then this. It's like someone painted a fine oil painting then decided to start finger painting on top.Read more